Effective Website Design

Working with wide array of clients, we are experienced in coming up with the best marketing solutions to reach your online goals. These online solutions start with personalized website designs that effectively relay your unique business message to your target audience. We do this with a creative eye, professional touch, attention to detail, and a strong commitment to our customers, we are determined to going the extra mile so you can get the best return on your investment. From basic to advanced, we have you covered!

Advanced Options

For clients looking to take their websites to the next level we offer the best modern solutions to make sure you leave the impression you want and influence your visitors.

    • Impactful Video Backgrounds
    • Powerful Calls To Action
    • Modern Parallax Images To Make A Statement
    • Responsive Design For Mobile & Tablets

All of this and much more ensures from basic to advanced, MillerTimeSites has you covered!

Our Design Process

WebDesignStep 1: Initial Consultation + Client Input
Step 2: Research + Competitive Analysis
Step 3: Tailor Solutions To Fit Your Needs
Step 4: Website Design Phase
Step 5: Optimize For The Search Engines
Step 6: Testing & Launch
Step 7: Promote Your Website
Step 8: On-Going Improvements

“The search engine work has been amazing! We have grown our monthly readership to over 200,000 people a month! ”

Let’s Get Started

Search Engine Optimization

Just having a website doesn’t mean that people can find it, but we have you covered! You’d be shocked how many businesses’ never get their websites optimized for the popular search engines Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.
search2With your new website built now we need to optimize it to make sure that it can easily be found online. Some of these steps have already been started during the design process by writing keyword heavy content, cleanly website coding, search engine friendly page meta tags, anchor text, back linking, making easy to navigate structure & sitemap, but there is more to do.

Track Your Visitors

Unlike radio, newspaper, and phone book advertising which can largely be an expensive guessing game, we give you tools to accurately track your online marketing.

With analytical reporting, you are more prepared to write better-targeted ads, strengthen your marketing initiatives, and create higher converting websites. You’ll see how many visitors found you, how they found you, how long they stayed, which pages they clicked on, and tons more data right down to exactly which cities each individual visitor was in.

    • Dozens of reports updated daily
    • See how each unique visitor found you site
    • Know exactly what city each visitor is from
    • Lets you actually see the results of your efforts

Cost: FREE (additional training available).

Branded Email Accounts

Are you still using your personal email for your business?
If so, it is time to upgrade to a professionally branded email account that actually goes with your branding.
Get rid of email addresses like partyguy@yahoo.com, and upgrade to yourname@yourwebsite.com.

    • Professionally Branded Email Addresses
    • Over 15 GB of Storage Per Email Address
    • Built In Google Spam Filters
    • Can Be Accessed Online, With Outlook , And On Your Phone.

Cost: Add email onto any package starting at $60 a year!

A beautiful experience!

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Branded Email Accounts
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