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facebook-pageThe first step in succeeding with social media is to have your profiles and pages set up correctly and we can help. Beyond just Facebook or Twitter, we can help you claim your listings with other networks related to your industry like Yelp! or Angie’s List. These important steps of starting off on a secure footing are very important to maximizing your reach.

Social Media Feeds

Integrating social media feeds into your website is very important these days. These feeds unlock the power of sharing your recent activity with website visitors and fans at the same time from a single posting. In addition to keeping website visitors more up-to-date with your activities and promotions, you will also be able to better convert them into engaged fans

Targeted Social Media

Simply having a Facebook or Twitter account isn’t enough; you need to properly focus your efforts to help your business do well with social media.  With a proven track record of helping clients grow their fans bases and engage visitors, we have best in practice methods to help you stay on top of your game.

We Can Help You To:

    • Give People a Reason to “Follow You”
    • Engage Fans In An Interactive Experience
    • Create A Social Media Marketing Plan
    • Spread The Word With In-Store Promotions

Paid Advertising

Reach More Potential Customers
Proactively reach potential customers on top websites they are already on on a daily basis such as.

Only Pay For Real Results
Unlike print and TV ads where you blind pay for it and just hopes someone will see it, you only pay for online ads when someone actually acts upon it. This is huge as it means you know all of your investment is going to what it really should, exposure the online visitors!

You Manage It: FREE, Setup & Training Plans Available
We Manage It: Starting at $49/month
*Both Options Require Additional Ad Spend